commission info


I) Please fill out the LINKED FORM to submit your commission request. Put all details regarding your commission in the form even if we've discussed it on another platform.

II) Visual reference of your character is preferred; written reference is also acceptable. If you have no reference available, I'm happy to work with you but please understand that I will have a lot of leeway with interpreting your character idea.

III) I will accept commissions of all ratings (clean or adult).

IV) Please contact me if you have any questions regarding fetishes or situations you would like to commission - subject matter will be discussed non-judgmentally, but I reserve the right to turn down subject matter I'm not comfortable with.


I) All clients must be 18 or older. No exceptions.

II) I retain the right to refuse service on a case by case basis. A commission is not considered agreed upon until all details have been discussed and successful payment of the invoice is completed.

III) I retain the right to cancel and refund a previously agreed upon commission if an unforeseen circumstance arises and I am unable to complete the piece.


I) Sketch commissions do not get major revisions. These are a simpler and lower-priced offering - therefore revisions are limited to minor adjustments or correcting mistakes/omissions that I am at fault for. (Aspects left out of the original order are the responsibility of the commissioner.) Any major revisions will be subject to an additional fee.

II) Other commission types will go through a series of approval stages:
IIb) First I will send you an initial sketch - at this point anything goes, revision-wise; I can completely redo a pose, make any tweaks you want, etc. - after approval, no major modifications to posing or composition are availableg without an additional fee. Two major edits are allowed at this point after which there may be an additional charge (depending on the nature of the edits).
IIc) After the sketch is approved, I will clean up and finalize the linework. You will be sent the draft lineart - edits at this phase can include various details or minor tweaks. Major edits may be subject to an additional fee.
IId) After the lineart is approved, I'll begin coloring. At this point the only edits allowed are to the colors. Any other edits will be subject to an additional charge.

III) The exception to all of the above phases: glasses! Glasses will never be subject to an additional fee - I have a terrible habit of forgetting them. Adding forgotten glasses is 100% free of charge! (Unless your ref didn't have any and you didn't tell me about them ...)


The below prices are a guideline and refer, generally, to single character, full body drawings.. Certain characters may incur an additional fee for extra complexity/difficult designs. Sequences are priced per panel. Please feel free to ask questions or reach out for a quote.

  • uncolored sketch: $25
  • flat colored drawing: $47
  • shaded drawing: $62
  • headshot sequences: $15 per part, min. 3 parts


I) Paypal is the primary means of payment. Venmo and other options are potentially available on request.

II) I will invoice you - do not send any payment until I have sent you an invoice. This helps me keep track, and prevents errors or issues + protects both of us from risk!

II) All transactions are to be paid in full upfront before work begins. There are no refunds for completed art. Payment plans may be available for commissions totalling $150 or more - this can be discussed on a case by case basis.


I) You may reupload your commissioned image to social media, gallery sites, etc as long as proper credit is provided -a link back to my website or one of my social media profiles is preferred.

II) You are free to crop, rotate, etc an image for the purposes of making an icon or banner for social media, messengers, forums, or other website profiles.

III) Clients are not permitted under any circumstances to use any part of commissioned work in any blockchain related technology such as non-fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. You are also strictly prohibited from using commissioned work in any advertising for or profits associated with blockchain related technology including non-fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

V) Clients are not allowed to use commissioned artwork for commercial purposes without proper arrangements. If you need a piece for commercial purposes, contact me and we can discuss a licensing fee & agreement.

VI) Clients are not allowed to edit or modify the lineart of commissioned work. Coloring of sketch commissions is allowed by the commissioner only, so long as you are clear in crediting. You are prohibited from having another artist edit, modify or color my artwork for you.

VII) I retain the right to use commissioned work for any purpose, such as advertising and promotion, posting on social media, publishing to gallery websites, or other uses.

VIII) Clients breaking any of the above rules waive their rights to the commissioned work. In such cases I may repurpose a commission as a YCH or otherwise make changes for my own purposes.